The Franklin Expedition Inuit Oral History Project

Know History is happy to share that we and our partners NVision Insight Group and Konek Productions will be participating in the Franklin Expedition Inuit Oral History Project. We look forward to supporting Inuit knowledge holders, community members, and Parks Canada experts in documenting Inuit knowledge about the 1845 Franklin Expedition and the wrecks of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. We’re excited that the Franklin Interim Advisory Committee, the Nattilik Heritage Centre and the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven have undertaken this initiative to ensure the Inuit perspective is thoroughly integrated into this well-documented story in Canadian history. During the next 18 months our primary goal will be to support the community. For questions regarding the specifics of the project, please speak to:


Media Relations

Parks Canada Agency


For more information, please see the Parks Canada news release, or read the Globe and Mail’s coverage of the project.

Image Credit: Ronald W. Stewart / Library and Archives Canada / e006609648.