Know History and the Canada History Hall

This month, the newly re-designed Canada History Hall was opened to the public at the Canadian Museum of History. The unveiling was a particularly special moment for some of our team members, including Emily Cuggy, Connie Wren-Gunn, and Emily Keyes. In 2014, they were part of a special seminar class at Carleton University that worked with the curators of the Canadian Museum of History to develop proposals for the History Hall. Earlier this month Emily Cuggy had the opportunity to visit the exhibit and snapped the photo above of an artefact she researched as part of a group proposal. The violin was made by a man called John Melnick while he was imprisoned as an “enemy alien” at an internment camp in Brandon, MB, during the First World War. The violin is included in the History Hall’s display on internment, entitled “Subjects of Enemy Countries.”

You can learn more about the Hall here: