Our Team/

Know History’s core team is comprised of formally trained historians, each with their own unique skills and subject-matter expertise, and all with a shared passion for unlocking the past for our clients. If you would like to join the Know History team check out our current job postings.

Ryan Shackleton, MA/


As Director, Ryan is involved in most aspects of the company. He has more than 15 years’ experience in historical consulting, and expertise in both Arctic and Métis histories. Ryan has worked throughout Canada on hundreds of projects and relies on his broad network to build an exceptional team for every one of Know History’s clients.

Connie Wren-Gunn, MA/

Associate Director/

As Associate Director, Connie manages the company’s corporate policy development, culture, and communications. She is a project lead with extensive archival research experience, training in artefact and document cataloguing, and a keen interest in oral history interviewing and research. With a background in corporate communications, Connie brings exceptional writing skills to our team, authoring many of Know History’s reports.

Emily Keyes, MA/

Director, Western Operations/

Emily manages Know History’s Western operations from our office in Calgary. She also manages our social media presence and outreach to community partnerships. Emily leads many of Know History’s Traditional Knowledge studies and is skilled in community consultation and workshop facilitation. She is also an expert genealogist with experience researching digital and paper records.

Lyle Dick, MA, LLD/

Senior Advisor/

Lyle Dick is a public historian with more than 40 years’ experience in research and publication in Arctic, Inuit, and Western Canadian history as well as Cultural Resource Management (CRM). He has led or served on national and international CRM teams in Western, Northern and Central Canada, and in Europe. A former President of the Canadian Historical Association, he also served on advisory committees of the Canadian Museum of History and the National Capital Commission. Lyle brings research and writing expertise to Know History and provides our associates with training and mentorship.

Alice Glaze, PhD/

Research Director, Ottawa/

Alice is an award-winning historian with a keen interest in the digital humanities and extensive research experience in both Canadian and British history. She takes pride in producing high-quality work for a broad set of clients, and is proficient in genealogical research, database design, Social Network Analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Alice particularly enjoys bringing together the historical and the digital with each new project.

Nicole Marion-Patola, PhD/

Research Director, Calgary/

Nicole is a fluently bilingual historical researcher with extensive experience with both digital and traditional archival collections. She has experience planning, interviewing, transcribing and analyzing oral histories. Nicole is a published author, specializing in Canadian social and political history.

Stacey Devlin, MA/

Digital Innovation Manager/

Stacey is a meticulous archival researcher who excels at digital history and historical GIS services. She complements many of our projects with ingenious digital solutions that often speed up the research process, or encourage a deeper level of analysis. Stacey is also skilled at genealogical research, and employs Social Network Analysis methodologies to interpret and evaluate historical kinship and community data for our clients.

Alison Begley, BComm/

Human Resources Manager/

Alison has over 15 years of experience working with private companies in Human Resources. She manages Know History’s payroll and benefits and assists with corporate policy development; but her particular expertise is in recruitment and contracting. Alison’s strength lies in finding the kind of passionate people Know History wants on its team, and ensuring our team members get the chance to develop their potential and reach their career goals.

Joseph Le Bane, BA/

Operations Manager/

Joe is a historical researcher who has experience in online materials, genealogy, and records digitization. Joe has previously worked with a multitude of Canadian authors covering a variety of Canadian political and social issues both as an editorial coordinator and an indexer. Joe is an organized and conscientious researcher dedicated to ensuring a quality product for Know History’s clients.

Todd Brown, MA/

Senior Associate/

Todd has a background in historical research and environmental science. He has previously worked with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada providing research services and writing reports for the Residential School Settlement Agreement. Todd also has experience providing GIS services, genealogy research, and conducting map biography interviews.

Emily Cuggy, MA/

Senior Associate/

Emily specializes in genealogical research, built heritage, and collections management. Skilled at writing and editing, Emily has applied these talents to a number of print and online projects. She has also worked on several oral history projects as an interviewer and transcriber. As co-producer of Know History’s podcast, Notice History, Emily focuses on audio editing, production, and creative direction.

Elina Hill, MA/

Senior Associate/

A bilingual researcher, Elina has worked with Indigenous organizations to research land use and reserve creation, transcribe and help analyze interviews for TKLU studies, and write cultural heritage overviews. She has worked with all aspects of oral history, from planning research and interviewing, to providing transcripts and analysis. Elina has also led workshops on oral history practice and qualitative research. She has over a decade of experience helping clients write and refine materials on a range of subjects.

Anna Kuntz, MA/

Senior Associate/

Anna has significant experience working in a variety of private, corporate and government archival institutions across the country, and specializes in genealogy research in both digital and paper formats. A skilled image research expert, Anna has reviewed hundreds of thousands of photos, and is just as comfortable securing image rights, captioning, and tracking credits, as she is at ensuring that our clients get the best images for their needs.

Robin Mullins, MA/

Senior Associate/

Robin has extensive experience conducting research for corporate companies. She specializes in delivering market research for a variety of business needs, including competitive intelligence, strategic planning, licensing programs and business cases. Robin is also proficient in both archival and genealogical research. She is co-producer of Know History’s podcast, Notice History.

Beth Sollis, MA/

Senior Associate/

Beth is a versatile historical researcher with experience in project management, data entry and archival research. Beth specializes in women’s history and material culture. She also has a background in working with diverse historical sources such as early print materials, rare book collections, advertisements and film.  Beth currently applies her valuable research and archival skills to our projects.

Thomas Van Dewark, MA/

Senior Associate/

Thomas has a background in environmental and social history. To assist with this work, he combines traditional research techniques with Mathematica-based digital research and contemporary oral history methods. Thomas has been involved with multiple Canada 150 projects, museum exhibitions, and Traditional Knowledge research conducted in collaboration with the County of Lambton and local First Nations.

Jennifer Bate, MA/


Jennifer is a skilled writer with a background in documentary filmmaking, digital history, and heritage conservation. She has extensive research experience using digital and archival materials and is specialized in cemetery conservation. She also has experience in conducting oral history interviews, and interview transcription. Jennifer is passionate about public history and has been involved with creating physical and digital museum exhibitions.

Thomas Berton, BA/


With a degree in Canadian Studies, Thomas has had the opportunity to study Canadian social, political and cultural history and has worked on several archival research projects. He also has many years of experience in the service industry where he developed strong problem-solving and communication skills. Thomas is excited to combine those skills with his passion for history and research to provide exceptional service to Know History clients.

MacKenzie Brash, MA/


MacKenzie is a public historian with a background in Canadian and Maltese history. She has worked at historical sites in Ontario and Malta as a tour guide, curatorial assistant, researcher, and as monument conservator. MacKenzie brings her extensive archival and genealogical research experience to our projects.

Nick Bridges, MA/


Nick is a historical researcher who has worked with indigenous organizations, museums, and government bodies. Nick’s background in social, cultural, and economic history helps him contextualize and create detailed historic research. He has worked in archives across Canada and he specializes in genealogy, historic landscapes, and oral history. As co-host on the company’s podcast, Notice History, Nick demonstrates an interest in story-telling and finding the history in our everyday lives.

Samantha Clark, MSc/


Samantha is a passionate historical researcher. With a background in Canadian and British social history Samantha has worked in archives and museums in both Canada and the UK.  She has managed and curated exhibitions, as well as assisted with collections management.  Her keen curiosity and archival research experience are an asset to the Know History Team.

Casandra Dana, BA/


Casandra has a degree in English and Communications, and is a passionate and resourceful individual who has extensive experience with client relations and communication. This, coupled with a keen interest in Canadian history and community-based research, enables her to meet Know History’s client needs knowledgeably and efficiently.

Jessica Di Laurenzio, MA/


Jessica is a public historian who has worked in museums, archives, libraries, and historical societies. She has a background in archival research and collections, and experience with digital history and built heritage. Jessica is adept at genealogical research and her eye for detail is a particularly invaluable addition to many of Know History’s projects.

Victoria Doran, MA/


Victoria is a passionate historical researcher with experience in archaeology, material culture analysis, symbolic analysis and cataloguing. In recent years she participated in an archaeological dig, where she further developed her interpretive skills and gained hands-on experience working with artefacts. Her interests lie primarily in the study and preservation of history, cultural heritage management, and the sharing of knowledge.

Mariam Enad, BA/


Mariam has had significant experience with client relations and management. With a Bachelors in Social Sciences, she has worked on various research projects requiring her apt attention to detail, critical thinking, and excellent communication skills. Mariam’s day-to-day administration helps ensure a professional and dedicated experience to all Know History clients.

Christine Englot, MA/


Christine has a background in bioarchaeology, classical studies and heritage studies, and is passionate about learning and writing on topics concerning identity and heritage in everyday life. Working in various collections and archives she has experience in research, writing and digitization in museum settings. Most recently, she helped to develop and organize a digital image archive/database with the aid of local volunteers at Northumberland National Park in the UK.

Leanne Gaudet, MA/


Leanne is a published art historical researcher who specializes in Canadian art and women’s histories. She has worked on projects involving the history of Canadian photography, material culture studies, Canada 150 initiatives and art gallery exhibition preparation. Leanne has a background in Art History, art gallery practices and collections management.

Nick Gillen, MA/


Nick has a background in military history with a focus on First World War commemoration. He has experience working with museum collections and archival sources in Canada and Germany. Nick now applies his passion for history towards our projects.

Aisha Gray, BA/


Aisha has a degree in Greek and Roman Studies with a focus on ancient Greek religion. She has several years’ experience with client services, and brings a high level of professionalism and attention-to-detail to her work. Combined with her passion for history, these skills ensure that Aisha provides Know History’s clients with exceptional service.

Dany Guay-Bélanger, MA/


Dany is a bilingual public historian. He has worked with various heritage organizations and contributed to several oral history projects. With his diverse skillset, Dany has created and currently hosts a podcast exploring the preservation of video games as cultural heritage artifacts. Dany is a game scholar and is also the francophone member-at-large of the Canadian Game Studies Association.

Rimsha Hamid/


Rimsha has a background in client services, communication, and administration. With a diploma in General Arts and Science from Loyalist College in Belleville, she is highly detail-oriented and organized. Rimsha’s superior interpersonal skills and welcoming manner ensure that Know History’s clients receive the best service and attention from their very first interaction with our company.

Ashley Henrickson, MA/


Ashley is a passionate historical researcher and educator with a special interest in uncovering children’s voices. She has drawn on her background in education to engage audiences through museum programming, exhibitions and print publications. Ashley brings strong communication skills and expertise in archival research to Know History’s projects.

Skylee-Storm Hogan, MA Candidate/


Skylee-Storm is an intern research associate with Western University’s Public History MA program. She has worked primarily with residential schools history and legal history on Crown-Indigenous relations in Canada. She has a particular interest in digital history, and recently created a popular map with Story Maps GIS called “Walk With Chief Shingwauk” for the community of Sault Ste Marie. Skylee also has expertise in digital repatriation and accessibility.

Nick Johnston, MA/


As an adaptive historical researcher, Nick has worked on projects exploring Canadian folk history, foreign policy, and urban development. Familiar with both digital and physical archival collections, he is skilled in locating and digitizing records. With Know History, Nick has transcribed oral history interviews on a variety of subjects. He also puts his eye for detail to work in citing, organizing, and preparing document collections to support our reports.

Meghan Lundrigan, PhD/


Meghan has a background in public history, modern German history, and is particularly passionate about historical representations in photography, film, and social media. She has worked on projects involving archival digitization, built heritage, and web content creation and management. Meghan has significant experience conducting archival research and synthesizing historical information, and brings extensive writing experience to Know History.

Lauren Luchenski, MA/


Lauren is a public historian with a passion for storytelling and social history. She is particularly interested in sharing underrepresented histories, which she has applied to her work in archives, museums, historical sites, and on community history projects. She brings her strong background in oral history interviewing as well as writing and editing for public audiences to projects at Know History.

Emily Manson, MSc/


Emily has a background in Canadian and British history and a particular interest in local history. She has worked and volunteered at a number of historical sites and organizations in both Canada and Scotland, where she has worked as an interpreter, a tour guide, a researcher and writer, and a program developer. She has undertaken research in a variety of areas such as food history, educational history, and nineteenth- and twentieth-century settlement in Canada. Emily brings her dedication to meticulous research practices and enthusiasm for archival research to the Know History team.

Casandra Masse, MA/


Casandra is a bilingual researcher with a background in historical research, archaeology, and museums.  She has worked as a collections manager, museum curator, archaeologist, and on repatriation projects around the world, including Thailand, England, and the Caribbean. Her passion for history is shared through volunteering at local museums and publishing newspaper articles.

Deanna McAvoy-Bailey, MA/


Deanna has a background in Canadian Archaeology with a focus on British Columbian and Arctic zooarchaeology. While working in environmental consulting, she spent most of her time in the boreal forests of Alberta and BC looking for archaeology sites and working alongside local First Nations communities. Deanna has a keen interest in the history of war, excels at data management, and has experience with archival research, report writing, and both archaeological and historical artifact analysis.

Keely McCavitt, MA/


With a background in the repatriation of ancestral remains in Southern African countries, Keely is an experienced researcher who has worked in museums nationally and abroad. She has worked in collections management and exhibition maintenance both professionally and academically. Keely brings communication, digital and archival research, and community consultation skills to Know History’s projects, and is a co-host on the weekly Know History Podcast, Notice History.

Andrew Narraway, MA/


Andrew is a historical researcher with a background in Indigenous and sport histories, including a special interest in the social history of hockey. He has significant experience working in both government and church archives, curating museum collections, and historical writing. Andrew brings his knowledge of Indigenous historiography and his passion for Canadiana to the Know History team.

Olga Novoa/

Multimedia and
Creative Designer/

Olga is responsible for creating visual solutions for print and digital media communications for Know History. She has extensive experience in graphic arts, digital communications and production processes. To say Olga is passionate about design, art history and photography is an understatement. During the last two decades, her technical skills and creative abilities have helped Olga to successfully blur the line between work and play.

Benjamin Reiskind, BA/


With a degree in history, Ben has experience in archival research, having read through reams of church and court records to study the social history of early Bytown. He has also worked as a historical interpreter and tour guide. Ben’s combined passion for history, client services and communications enables him to ensure that Know History’s clients receive the best possible service.

Kierstin Stewart, MA/


Kierstin’s background includes museum exhibit, collections management, archival research, oral history interviewing, and culture and heritage education work in both Ottawa and the Cayman Islands. She recently expanded her knowledge of Canadian history as a volunteer for the City of Ottawa Museums. Kierstin currently applies her valuable archival and genealogical research skills to our projects.

Andrew Taber, MA/


Andrew is a skilled historical researcher. An Early Modern historian, Andrew’s research interests include Canadian, British and European history. He also has an avid interest in the regional history of southern Quebec and how museums integrate themselves within their local communities. Andrew currently applies his research skills and passion for history to our projects.

Kirsty Walker, MA/


With an Advanced Diploma in Applied Museum Studies, Kirsty has experience working in museums, archives, and libraries, and specializes in collections management, collections care, artifact digitization, and archival description and transcription. Working closely with donors and institutions, she has completed archival and online research for a variety of exhibitions, collections, and educational programming purposes. She is a skilled genealogical researcher, and has experience transcribing oral history interviews.

Paige Walker, MA/


Paige has a background in religious and social history, with a focus on gender studies. Familiar with print and digital archives, Paige has worked as a transcriptionist of oral history interviews and has extensive experience working with ecclesiastical records. She has exceptional writing skills and has worked as a Book Review Editor and a Writing Councillor. Paige now contributes her research skills and passion for history to our projects.

Sara Wilmshurst, MA/


Sara is a relentlessly curious historical researcher with a background in health history, food history, and the history of charitable organizations. She has performed extensive online and archival research, is proficient in genealogical research, and also has training and experience in fundraising. Sara enjoys writing and her portfolio ranges from the academic to the journalistic.

If you are interested in becoming an associate, please send your CV to resume@knowhistory.ca and visit our careers page.




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