Our Team/

Know History’s core team is comprised of formally trained historians, each with their own unique skills and subject-matter expertise, and all with a shared passion for unlocking the past for our clients.

Ryan Shackleton

Ryan Shackleton, M.A./


As Director, Ryan is involved in most aspects of the company. He has more than 15 years’ experience in historical consulting, and expertise in both Arctic and Métis histories. Ryan has worked throughout Canada on hundreds of projects and relies on his broad network to build an exceptional team for every one of Know History’s clients.

Emily Keyes, M.A./

Operations and Outreach Officer/

Emily manages Know History’s operations and outreach, from our social media presence to expanding our community partnerships. She is a skilled genealogist with experience researching digital and paper records. Emily regularly contributes to Know History’s community consultations, workshop facilitation and Traditional Knowledge studies throughout Ontario.

Stacey Devlin

Stacey Devlin, M.A./

Senior Associate/

Stacey is a meticulous archival researcher who excels at digital history and historical GIS services. She complements many of our projects with ingenious digital solutions that often speed up the research process, or encourage a deeper level of analysis. Stacey is also skilled at genealogical research, and employs Social Network Analysis methodologies to interpret and evaluate historical kinship and community data for our clients.


Alice Glaze, Ph.D./

Senior Associate/

Alice is an award-winning historian with a keen interest in the digital humanities and extensive research experience in both Canadian and British history. She takes pride in producing high-quality work for a broad set of clients, and is proficient in genealogical research, database design, Social Network Analysis and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Alice particularly enjoys bringing together the historical and the digital with each new project.

Anna Kuntz

Anna Kuntz, M.A./

Senior Associate/

Anna has significant experience working in a variety of private, corporate and government archival institutions across the country, and specializes in genealogy research in both digital and paper formats. A skilled image research expert, Anna has reviewed hundreds of thousands of photos, and is just as comfortable securing image rights, captioning, and tracking credits, as she is at ensuring that our clients get the best images for their needs.

Heather Perrault

Heather Perrault, M.A./

Senior Associate/

A fluently bilingual researcher, Heather has gained a reputation at Know History for her exceptional community consultation management skills. She has worked with Métis organizations in Ontario and Alberta, and excels at heritage evaluations and genealogical research. Heather also contributes her team management, archival research, and interpretive writing expertise to many of our museum-based projects.

Connie Wren-Gunn

Connie Wren-Gunn, M.A./

Senior Associate/

Connie manages Know History’s human resources, including hiring and corporate policy development. She has extensive archival research experience, training in artefact and document cataloguing, and a keen interest in oral history interviewing and research. With a background in corporate communications, Connie brings exceptional writing skills to our team, authoring many of Know History’s reports.

Nick B

Nick Bridges, M.A./


Nick is a historical researcher who has experience with archival and online materials. He is specialized in studying press material and popular media and tracking historical travel networks, and also has a background in examining historic landscapes and environments. Nick uses his passion for history and attention to detail to research and collect the most pertinent documents for Know History’s clients.


Todd Brown, M.A./


Todd has a background in historical research and environmental science. He has previously worked with Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada providing research services and writing reports for the Residential School Settlement Agreement. Todd also has experience providing GIS services, genealogy research, and conducting map biography interviews.

Emily Cuggy, M.A./


Emily is a historical researcher with a background in archival and online research, genealogy, and collections management. Skilled at writing and editing, Emily has applied these talents to a number of print and online projects. She also has extensive experience conducting and transcribing oral history interviews. Emily specializes in built heritage research, and has pursued this interest both academically and professionally.

Michelle A. Hamilton, Ph.D./


Michelle, an associate professor and Director of Public History at the University of Western Ontario, regularly works with Know History. She is a multiple award-winning researcher and possesses over 20 years of experience conducting historical research at a variety of archives. A former museum curator, Michelle has a network of connections among Ontario museums and the Ontario Heritage Trust. She is a specialist in nineteenth and early twentieth-century Ontario.

Elina Hill, M.A./


A bilingual researcher, Elina has worked with Indigenous organizations to research land use and reserve creation, transcribe and help analyze interviews for TKLU studies, and write cultural heritage overviews. She has worked with all aspects of oral history, from planning research and interviewing, to providing transcripts and analysis. Elina has also led workshops on oral history practice and qualitative research. She has over a decade of experience helping clients write and refine materials on a range of subjects.

Nick Johnston, M.A./


As an adaptive historical researcher, Nick has worked on projects exploring Canadian folk history, foreign policy, and urban development. Familiar with both digital and physical archival collections, he is skilled in locating and digitizing records. With Know History, Nick has transcribed oral history interviews on a variety of subjects. He also puts his eye for detail to work in citing, organizing, and preparing document collections to support our reports.

Jesse Roberston, M.A./


Jesse is a historical researcher who has worked on projects involving Aboriginal history, built heritage and heritage landscapes. He has significant experience conducting archival research and implementing oral history projects. Jesse is a published author who has written heritage reports for Parks Canada, articles and entries for Canada’s History, Historica Canada and The Canadian Encyclopedia.

Kierstin Stewart, M.A./


Kierstin’s background includes museum exhibit, collections management, archival research, oral history interviewing, and culture and heritage education work in both Ottawa and the Cayman Islands. She recently expanded her knowledge of Canadian history as a volunteer for the City of Ottawa Museums. Kierstin currently applies her valuable archival and genealogical research skills to our projects.

Thomas Van Dewark, M.A./


Thomas has a background in environmental and social history. To assist with this work, he combines traditional research techniques with Mathematica-based digital research and contemporary oral history methods. Thomas has been involved with multiple Canada 150 projects, museum exhibitions, and Traditional Knowledge research conducted in collaboration with the County of Lambton and local First Nations.

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