Since 2011, Know History has provided a range of historical services to assist in the research, presentation and documentation of Canada’s history. With offices in Ottawa and Calgary and associates located throughout the country, we have had the privilege of working alongside policy makers, museums, filmmakers, Aboriginal organizations and individuals to make history relevant.


At Know History we have the experience necessary to deliver top-quality historical services, but we have something else too –  we have a passion for what we do. Our trained historians are genuinely interested in helping you connect with the past and discover history’s impact on the present and future.



Know History provides archival and secondary source research on both smaller projects and larger investigations. Our research managers are adept at designing research plans, conducting finding aid and full file reviews, and digitizing collections. We also help clients obtain access to restricted materials and apply for freedom of information requests.


Know History has worked with local, provincial and national museums across Canada to curate collections, research exhibit themes and subject matter, design exhibit concepts, and plan illustrative and interpretive content. We also provide public and Aboriginal consultation services for upcoming exhibits.


Our genealogists are trained in a variety of research methods and have experience with both traditional and digital records. We work on everything from small family histories to larger Band lists and kinship networks. On the cutting edge of genealogical research, we are the only firm in Canada using Social Network Analysis to reconstruct historic communities.


Know History delivers a variety of services relating to oral history collection and research. Whether recording individual life stories or chronicling community histories, our oral historians are expertly trained in project design, questionnaire development, and archival documentation methods. We are also skilled at delivering oral history training workshops to a variety of audiences.


Our TK specialists have conducted hundreds of interviews with Métis, Inuit and First Nations throughout Canada. Our project design services include background research, creation of individualized questionnaires, mentorship to community members, GIS digitization and cultural asset mapping, and report preparation.


As a complement to many of our other services, Know History offers Historical GIS support and production. Our on-site GIS specialist provides clients with geographical data and historical cartography services, including map digitization, land use mapping and interpretive map development.


A strong corporate heritage can help define and set your company apart in an ever-changing business landscape. Know History works with corporations to develop company archives, maintain corporate memory and produce a useable history that can bolster staff morale and public image. We provide archiving, research, interviewing and publication services.


Consultation and engagement with Aboriginal groups in Canada is part of the formal decision-making process when it comes to resource and policy development. Know History works with clients to design and implement consultation strategies, focus groups and training, and we provide written reports that thoroughly document consultation proceedings and outcomes.

Image Credit: Merrilees, Andrew / Library and Archives Canada / e010932065.